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  • Nov.29-30th, 2012

    HACU would like to offer those people who did and did not attend the ECO IN Sustainable Packaging Conference in Shanghai, a copy of Candace's pdf presentation. Should you want the chinese translation or a more detailed version of the presentation, ie what Candace said with each slide / her notes, than just email her directly at Download Presentation+

  • Oct.31, 2012

    Candace has been asked to speak at a Packaging Conference in Shanghai in late November She will use of the research collected from the Packaging Essentials book Candace co.authored with Sarah Roncarelli. As well Candace has been asked to offer a critical assessment of the current packaging design landscape in China. See the Book+

  • Sept.05, 2012

    Candace was asked to teach a new course, Packaging Workshop, to third and fourth year students at NSCAD University where she developed her own unique curriculum. Visit NSCAD+

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  • Jan 11

    RT @designmilk: When a Sculptor, Engineer, and Pastry Chef Decide to Make Dessert #fromthearchives

  • Jan 11

    RT @NSCADExtStudies: Bring out your paintbrushes, it's time to learn! The ever-popular Introductory Acrylic Painting taught by... https://…

  • Jan 11

    RT @lukew: comparing smartwatch & smartphone usage.

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    Nov.14, 2012

    Fully 65 percent of all adult internet users now say they use social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, up from 61 percent ...

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  • Out with the Purple Cow theory..

    Sep.27, 2012

    Seth Godin's new book, Purple Cow is about transforming a business through being remarkable. And we believe this is very important both ...

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  • Why hire a professional?

    The world is full of boring stuff, which is why so few people pay attention. Great design and marketing is the art of building things ...

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    You might be wondering, how you get your new salesman to work that well? It will take a little more than your smart nephew in his ...

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  • So many messages, so little time.. you on your home

    ..on the radio, the billboards, company signage, bumper stickers, the branded items in your car and then when you think you are safe at home ...

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  • In the very early days packaging..
    ...but not today.

    The package goes much further than protection, labelling and keeping food fresh. Nowadays packaging must do much more, it must attract ...

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  • Brand Love: Ensuring Return on.. elusive after all.

    Building high brand equity has been an elusive goal for fine marketing minds, in part, because it seems like an abstract concept ...

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