A rigorous process, coffee, lots of coffee,
& an eensy weensy bit of fun.

That’s how we do it


What they say

P. Wilson

P.Wilson, Marketing, dna13

“Candace presents her clients with far more value then any other creative designer I have ever worked with. She wraps her creative vision with solutions that address business challenges and incorporates best practices. For clients like dna13 that rely on outside partners for involvement in strategic elements of their business the resources like Candace and her team that they bring to bear on projects are second to none.”


R.LeClerc, Former Colleague

“One of the most creative people I know. Will stop at nothing to get a job done and always goes above and beyond any request. Fun and easy to work with and great at teaching others new tricks to improve their work.”

Lukas Pinkus

Lukas Pinkus, Resident Cat, Director Mouse Slayer

"Well I don’t think much of what she does; stares at a lit box all day, no fun that I can see, definitely not enough naps or snacks. And when she does eat it's a lot of green stuff and occasionally plump tender juicy chicken…What were we talking about again?”

R. Zadock

R. Zadock, ECP Web Manager

WOW!  Let me say it one more time... WOW! Quite a comprehensive and impressive website review!

National Gallery of Canada

Y. Théoret, National Gallery of Canada

I have been very impressed with what you did for the Urban Challenge in Ottawa. I can't imagine you had a big budget to work with, yet it was everywhere."


Candace's Aunt Sandy

Hi, Candace, Some nice lady asked me to say something nice for your website. Well I just wanted you to know I had no idea that could be so organized and still be creative!

C. Flodberg

C.Flodberg, Artist

"You're wonderful! Thanks for everything. The site is great and far exceeds my initial expectations. I wish you and your team the best of luck in the future and lots of success."