So many messages, so little time, and even less interest. How many emails do you open daily? Just how many advertisements are being directed at you on your home...

..on the radio, the billboards, company signage, bumper stickers, the branded items in your car and then when you think you are safe at home. Bam, on TV, the internet,and then you go to make dinner and again you are subjected to more selling...


I was going to write an article on the elements of great Advertising, but I found this great article while doing my regularly daily trawl of the web and decided it was the perfect pairing to this message. The article is by Roy Williams, an expert in everythinh marketing; writing about marketing, teaching marketing and perfecting marketing. To read the full article click here.

Shoppers today are confronted with an unprecedented number of possibilities. Welcome to the 21st century, where shoppers carry the world in their pockets, giving them instant access to everything they want to know. Now what were you saying?

A 1978 consumer behavior study by Yankelovich indicated the average American of that time was confronted by more than 2,000 selling messages per day. These "selling messages" included the signage in front of strip centers, posters in windows, point-of-purchase displays in conveneince stores, product packaging on shelves, stickers on gas pumps and all the major media, of course. Yankelovich revisited that study in 2008: today's shopper is confronted by more than 5,000 selling messages per day.

Shoppers don't buy things until ther know about them. And they have far too little time to consider all their options. This is why the value of time and attention has risen to unprecedented heights.

And it's also why clarity is the new creativity.

If today's advertisers want to ring the bell, win the prize and cash the check, they must:

  1. Gain attention
  2. Speak with impact and
  3. Prove what they say
  4. In the fewest possible words.